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A Classroom for Every Stage.

Our Classrooms


3 – 12 mos

Children in the infant classroom (Infants/Toddlers) experience the world and all its wonders through lessons in key functions. In this room, students will:

  • Learn core skills, like crawling and holding a cup
  • Explore the foundations of movement
  • Engage in activities that develop their senses
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10 mos – 18 mos

The toddler classrooms (pre-primary) turn core lessons into developmental milestones, building on foundational experiences. In this room, students will:

  • Learn to walk, and begin potty-training and other complex movements
  • Experience music, sharing and multi-step lessons
  • Learn language and develop fine and gross motor skills
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3 – 6 yrs

The primary classroom puts lessons into action. Instructors empower child development by allowing them to learn independently, but under careful guidance. In this room, students will:

  • Follow multi-step directions and learn to teach peers
  • Master self-help skills and develop confidence
  • Participate in unique extracurricular courses
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violin boy
reading girl
boy playing basketball
In addition to core music classes, we bring students the world

Our extracurricular music program introduces students to incredible, world-spanning musical experiences. Early exposure to musical repetition and reinforcement enables students to master new skills and concepts; therefore, our core classes revolve around Piano and Violin, while individual campus courses introducing unique elements like Music Therapy, Broadway, Ukulele, and even Jazz.

language book
Our language program turns speakers into scholars

Exposing children to new languages early develops their ear for language, expands their minds, and deepens their understanding of various cultures. In addition to our Dual Language Program instituted in many of our classrooms, Suzuki’s extracurricular language program, Suzuki Scholars, introduces students of all ages to an immersive, curious linguistic environment. These individualized group lessons can in Spanish or Mandarin.

We help students move in the right direction with confidence

Physical activity is essential to developing children’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. This is why we offer a wide range of movement activities for our Primary students. Suzuki sports and wellness programs can comprise yoga, basketball, karate, and even soccer (depending on the campus) and expose students to activities that promote an active lifestyle.