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What's known at Third-Year Primary at Suzuki, this program is a unique opportunity for students to develop not only academically, but also their confidence and leadership skills before they enter Kindergarten or 1st grade. They will leave with a solid academic foundation as well as the confidence and love of learning that will carry them through for the duration of their academic career.

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Continuous, solid growth into a confident, prepared individual

The third year in Primary is the culmination of all that has occurred before. For example, children who worked on letter sounds, listening to sounds in words, and composing words will go on to composing sentences and then paragraphs, and reading books.

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Students skip the delayed 'normalization' style and arrive at Elementary prepared

Many public schools use Kindergarten as an acclimation/normalization year where students learn the basics of how to function in a school environment. Our students have already mastered all these skills, so this classroom allows them to continue to progress and strengthen their love of learning.


The student, while still learning, also becomes a mentor

As the oldest child in the classroom, the student reinforces his or her skills by teaching younger students. Research has proven that this strengthens their learning and confidence. In addition, it bolsters their confidence while encouraging stronger friendships by acting as a role model for those who may be new to the classroom!


We help you take the next steps!

The Suzuki School maintains incredible relationships with the city's local elementary schools – both public and private. When you are ready to make the next step, we are right beside you to help guide your family through the application process, as well as the emotional journey towards taking the next step in your child's future.

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