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The Suzuki Path to Success.

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Our mission is to provide the best in infant and early childhood education.

The Suzuki School develops in young children a lifelong love of learning by honoring each child's natural talent and ability in partnership with parents. We forge an indelible path towards the cultivation of confident, independent, young minds.

Whole child learning remains at the heart of Suzuki

Our staff thrives on the development of the child. We employ professionals who are passionate about education, including:

  • Child Developmental Specialist
  • Spanish dual language instructors
  • Musical experts
  • Physical education teachers
  • Atlanta’s best trained Montessori teachers

We provide a safe environment to stimulate intellectual and physical growth

Through a secure setting that is carefully designed for the young child, we provide a carefully crafted environment dedicated to the cultivation of education. Our students are encouraged to learn by exploring their surroundings and are immersed in endless opportunity.

With Montessori, each child is a unique individual

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Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge. 

Teachers constantly analyze and prepare an environment where students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions. As students mature, they learn to look critically at their work, and become adept at recognizing, correcting, and learning from their errors.  

Montessori students develop executive functions in the brain like order, coordination, concentration, and independence. 

Classroom design, daily routines and the materials themselves support the individual's emerging confidence and independence as they master what they’re learning. Students are active participants in deciding their focus of learning from moment to moment and eventually planning and executing their own learning process.

Students are part of a close, caring community.

Multi-age classrooms mimic a family structure and the larger community. Older students enjoy stature as mentors and role models; younger children feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead. Teachers model respect, kindness, and self-assurance.

Our Community is Built on Family

Family involvement is the bedrock of a Suzuki education.

Our teaching teams have the knowledge, training and experience to create the environment and lessons, and we collaborate daily with parents so that the home and school environment offer consistency in the child’s education.

Suzuki is with you every step of the journey.

Our curriculum lays the foundation for an incredible future. What children learn in these years remains for the rest of their life; therefore, we are proud to partner with every family taking the next step towards success after Suzuki.

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