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Shirley Gunter-Golding

January 9, 2019

Montessori Teacher

Shirley Golding-Gunter is the mother of two wonderful young men who are

currently in the United States Air Force. She has been a teacher at the Suzuki school for 18 years.

She worked in the Infants class before moving to the Toddlers classroom in 2008 and she has been a Toddler teacher ever since! She enjoys working in the Toddlers class because it is a class where first milestones take place. She shares that “Observing the children’s transition from an infant to a toddler is a rewarding feeling and it allows me to see that they are learning what I am teaching them each day.”  She goes on to share that she enjoys working at the Suzuki School because it gives her a sense of community and family. “Being able to partner with the families of the children and my peers has been one of the main reasons for my tenure at Suzuki. Suzuki has taught me many things over the years and I look forward to each day.”

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