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Roxana Viditchi

January 9, 2019

Montessori Teacher

Roxana Viditchi is a Primary Montessori Teacher on the Primary teaching team at the Buckhead Campus. Originally from Romania, Roxana brings many experiences to the children. Before joining the team at the Suzuki School, Roxana studied Sports Psychology and Business in Bucharest, Romania. Then, after moving to the United States in 1989, her daughter began her early childhood education in a Montessori setting. As a frequent volunteer at her daughter’s school, Roxana discovered the value of a Montessori education as well as her own passion for early childhood education. In 2008, she began working in early childhood, and joined The Suzuki School in 2011.

Roxana is enthusiastic about the work she does at The Suzuki School because she works in such a progressive and challenging environment. She also appreciates that the school encourages continuing education.
When she is not working, Roxana enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and painting as creative outlets.

Roxana graduated with a degree is Sport Psychology and a minor in Business from the Faculty of Physical Education in Bucharest, Romania. She has also earned an Early Childhood Education Montessori certification.

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