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Julia Chatman

August 13, 2020

Montessori Teacher

Julia Chatman is a Montessori Teacher in the PrePrimary Three classroom at the Buckhead Campus. She brings an abundance of knowledge, love, and experience to the classroom having over two decades of teaching experience. She has worked as a teacher for most of her adult life and most of her career has been spent in early childhood education.

Julia joined the Suzuki team in 2004.  She has worked with PrePrimary since joining and continues to do so as she loves the functionality of that age group.  Having worked in other childcare settings, she found that Suzuki is unlike any other school!  The beautiful environment and constant growth motivated her to become a lead teacher.  Doing so has allowed her to combine her love of children with the ability to guide them through the development of social and emotional abilities, as well as independence skills.

In her spare time, Ms. Julia enjoys looking for and practicing new Montessori techniques with her three grandchildren.  She finds that each of the lessons easily transfers into a necessary practical life skill.  She loves to practice her cooking techniques and spends much of her time exploring old southern cookbooks.

Ms. Julia has a CDA and is a certified Montessori Infant-Toddler Teacher through the Suzuki Training Institute.

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