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Judith Soto

May 18, 2021




Judith Soto began as Spanish Instructor at both the Northside and Buckhead Campuses. Judith grew up in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor Relations from the University of Puerto Rico. She has also completed continuing education courses in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Management Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence. In 2011 to 2015, she eagerly embraced homeschooling education for her two daughters.

In 2019, she took the lead on our Dual Language Immersion Program, as DLI Coordinator, and has been a driving force in ensuring quality Spanish-speaking educators can bring their talents to the children. After we reopened from the extended closure in March of 2020, Miss Judith continued with us as a Runner, managing many tasks daily, while still continuing to manage the DLI program. Miss Judith also finished her certification in Early Childhood Education from the Montessori Teacher Education Institute in 2020!

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