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Tender Hearts, Tenacious Spirits: Our Wish for Suzuki Graduates

May 16, 2019

For a teacher, preschool graduation is always emotional. It sounds silly, but you’ve spent countless hours soothing tears, wiping noses, watching daily defeats and victories; hearing ecstatic exclamations over the discovery of a ladybug or an airplane flying by on the playground. Then, all of a sudden they are grown up; heading off to Kindergarten. Many come to Suzuki because of the academic reputation, but there are a few things more important than math and language that we hope our graduates have learned in their time here.

The world tends to ask who is intelligent, rather than how are you intelligent? What sets you apart from everyone else? At Suzuki we hope the seeds were planted to follow your interests. Embrace and celebrate what makes you, you.

  • We hope you’ve learned that that feeling of excitement, curiosity, and anticipation is worth exploring.
  • As your teachers stood by patiently guiding you to tie your own shoes, wash your own hands, and make your own lunch, we hope you learned how capable you are.
  • We hope you remember that it’s okay to take 30 minutes to figure out how to get your shoes on, spill an entire pitcher of water, or to try and fail 500 times.
  • We hope you learned how amazing it feels when you finally get it. All by yourself.
  • We hope you’ve learned to laugh without abandon when something’s funny and cry when something is sad; to feel these things, breathe, and let them go.
  • May you trust your instincts and lead with confidence.
  • We hope you know your numbers and letter sounds, but more importantly, we hope you’ve learned to sit with those sitting alone and how good it feels to help someone else.
  • We hope you’ve learned that though we may look different, have different abilities, or opinions, we are all in this together.

Go confidently. Continue to fall down and get back up. And always remember to be kind.

This is how you will change the world.


The Suzuki School

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