In order to be classified as a teacher at Suzuki, you must have a Montessori Credential and a four year degree, preferably in early childhood education or in child development.  



The associate position which provides assistance to trained Montessori teachers in the classroom. The associate position is ideal for those who may not yet have a four year degree and wish to teach in a Montessori environment, or for those with a four year degree who wish to work as an associate while seeking Montessori training or becoming familiar with it.

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The Suzuki School was founded in encouraging and nurturing the inner talent and ability of every child. This is the same kind of environment we foster with our Montessori Teacher Education Institute, where we help shape the next level of Montessori educators. 

Hiring Process:

First: CLICK HERE to set up an account, complete an application and upload your resume. Once you have completed the application you will receive an email notification that we have received your application.

Second: A Suzuki School representative reviews the online applications and  contacts applicants when there is good fit and there is a hiring need at the time.

Third: Interview with the desired campus, please bring the following:

Once the background check is returned with a clean record to work with children we will schedule you in a classroom.  If you are a trained Montessori teacher, you will be asked to come in for an observation and to meet with some teaching faculty. If you are seeking a position as an associate, we will ask you to substitute to determine your level of interest and fit.  The substitute process can be for a short period of time, or longer if an open position is not available at the time. 

Fourth: First day of Work. On your first day please provide the necessary documents that establish identity per federal guidelines (please refer to I-9 list of documents).

Fifth:  Within 10 days of working in the classroom you must submit a fingerprint form to BFTS. We will assist you with this process. You must get a satisfactory determination letter from Bright from the Start.

  • Fingerprinting Form (in order to make this process easier and avoid a delay in your working status, the steps in this document need to be completed within 10 days of the start of your trial.

Sixth: Once all the documentation is complete and the candidate and school and have determine it is a good fit, the candidate is offered a position at the school.