Vera Davis
Primary I

Montessori Teacher

Vera Davis is a Montessori teacher with the Primary I teaching team at the Ponce City Market campus. Ms. Vera is an invaluable asset to the classroom with many years experience in the field of education. She previously worked with high school and elementary aged children in Indonesia and in Georgia before realizing her passion lies in early childhood education.

Ms. Vera has been with the Suzuki School since 2000. She was first drawn to education because she comes from a long line of teachers! Her father was a college professor and her mother was a Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Vera is from Indonesia, where children are encouraged to be independent from an early age. Montessori education was therefore a natural fit for her as she believes in this wholeheartedly!

Ms. Vera enjoys working with the “older” children because the Montessori curriculum allows children to learn and grow at their own pace. She especially loves to teach math and is always amazed when 3, 4, and 5 year olds begin to grasp complex concepts such as addition, multiplication, and number sentences.

In her spare time Ms. Vera loves to cook and exercise. She especially likes walking and water aerobics. She has 3 wonderful daughters and can often be found spending time with her family when she is not at school.

Ms. Vera has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education from Surabaya Teacher Training College in Indonesia. She is also a certified Primary Montessori teacher. She completed her training with the Pan-American Montessori Society in 2013.