Vendor Credentialing


The Suzuki School takes its responsibility very seriously to keep the children and staff safe while at the school. All of the Suzuki teachers, staff and substitutes are required to pass criminal background checks as well as a health and safety orientation. 

The school also requires that all vendors, contractors, therapists and routine visitors meet certain requirements in order to work on the premises or be around children. Please understand that these requirements are mandated by Bright from the Start, the regulatory agency for licensed daycare providers in the state of Georgia, and we consider these requirements to be excellent security precautions for the school.

Please read the requirements for your status below:

  1. Exempt Vendors: An infrequent vendor who is never around the children in an unsupervised fashion.

  2. Non Exempt Facilities Vendors:  A routine vendor who is frequently in building during the day or when the school is closed and who may be unsupervised

  3. Enrichment and Special Events Vendors

  4. Therapists who come to observe children or work directly with them. If you are a parent, please fill out this form, which gives the therapist you have requested permission to work with your child. If you are a Therapist, please fill out the Independent Contractor Documentation, Background Check, and the Fingerprinting forms links below. You must also present a card of certification of proof of Workers Compensation and General Liability, as well as have the Parent Acknowledgement linked above filled out. You will be asked to sign a Documentation of Orientation at the school with a Suzuki representative. 

  5. Frequent Volunteers or College Students in Training who are volunteering or doing observations.

The following documents are ones you might need through the credentialing process. Please check which form applies to you, download, and fill out the appropriate paperwork. 

Independent Contractor Documentation

Background Check

Fingerprinting Form