Continuing Students with a Temporary Summer Withdrawal

Don’t risk being left without a placement!  This process has been arranged so that you can easily communicate your intentions. While we hope that everyone plans to stay with us, if we do not hear from you, we cannot confirm your child’s enrollment past May 25th. Communication is key!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your campus leadership or to Ashante Gilstrap (Buckhead and Northside) – or Sunny Alley (Ponce City Market) if you have questions or wish to discuss your individual situation to determine the best course of action!

Once you have reviewed the information below, please be sure to fill out the form so that we are notified of your intentions!

1.    Complete a Temporary Withdrawal Form: You can temporarily withdraw your child one time in a 12-month period (for a minimum of 1 month) or a maximum of 2 back-to-back months, and maintain your child’s placement by paying half of each month’s tuition for the time your child does not attend. In order to take advantage of this opportunity for the summer, you must let us know by February 28, 2018

2.    Your child will be enrolled for the Fall session after you have paid the school year registration fee on your February invoice.  Please remember that if you do not pay the school year registration fee, then your child will not be enrolled for the Summer or Fall session and the security deposit is forfeited.

Registration Fee Explanation:

The February Tuition Statement will have a $200 Annual Registration Fee on it. When you submit the Temporary Withdrawal, you will need to pay the Annual Registration Fee. Since your child is only attending in the summer, you will pay $100. The other $100 will be adjusted off the account after the Temporary Withdrawal is reviewed and approved. Please remember that these steps must be completed by February 28, 2018. If you pay the entire registration fee of $200 and later decide that you want to temporarily withdraw your child, please note that 60 day notice is required, and a Temporary Withdrawal Form must be submitted.