The Suzuki School’s goal is to hire teachers who have a passion for early childhood education, a genuine interest in how young children learn, a desire to acquire strong self-directed teaming skills, and the emotional maturity to work effectively with co-teachers and students. We seek educators who view teaching young children as a career and who value a school where professional and personal growth is supported as an integral part of a teacher’s tenure at the school. 



Interested in working with young children? Become a Montessori teacher.


  • Have you ever thought of becoming a preschool teacher, but lacked the confidence or knowledge on how to effectively teach young children in a way that connects with them? 
  • Do you have less than pleasant personal childhood memories of your own preschool experience? Have you ever wondered how to make things different for children nowadays?
  • Have you taught in a traditional pre-school setting and wondered if there is another way to teach children that will be more fulfilling and rewarding for you personally and more engaging and interesting for the young learners?
  • Were you raised as a Montessori child yourself, and had an opportunity to experience firsthand what it is all about and wish you could make that same wonderful experience available to children today?

If you are a preschool teacher in a traditional classroom, you've probably observed that the children are often not taught to their level of readiness because, with the traditional approach, a teacher prepares one lesson for a group of children and not all of the children are ready for that particular lesson when it is offered.

When you understand how children learn, you naturally become better at teaching them. This is at the heart of the research based, proven Montessori system of education. In a Montessori environment you will find that the classroom is not only serene, but that the children are excited and engaged in learning because there are activities which match the child’s interest and level of development exactly. 

Because the children in a Montessori classroom are engaged, you will also find that the kinds of discipline challenges you face in a traditional classroom do not occur and that any that emerge are much easier to address.

If you are interested in learning how to become a Montessori teacher while working as an Associate in the classroom, please ask during an interview. Click here to learn more about the Montessori Teacher Education Institute l (MTEI). MTEI offers AMS certifications in Infant-Toddler, as well as Early Childhood.