An Extracurricular Activity at the Suzuki School

The Suzuki School has offered Spanish and French instruction since its inception in 1976 in collaboration with outside vendors. Over the years, we expanded the offering to include Chinese, and have also worked with different vendors and approaches to improve outcomes.

After close study of the foreign language program, we decided the program needed to be restructured to introduce new languages earlier and more frequently to our young absorbent minds. We also wanted to bring language instruction in house to better align the teaching with the Montessori system of instruction.

While this resulted in a expansive Foreign Language program throughout the school, it also allowed us to create Suzuki Scholars - an Extracurricular Activity offered once a week starting in PrePrimary for Spanish and Chinese. These classes are an incredible opportunity for your child to experience smaller group instruction in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese!

Spanish Sample Lesson Plan

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Dora Prestigiacomo
Spanish Instructor

Dora Prestigiacomo is the Spanish Instructor at the Ponce City Market Campus.  She was born in Italy, and moved to Venezuela as a young child.  She is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.  Dora has taught Spanish for many years in area preschools.  Dora has a Child Development Associate’s credential and attended Midland Technical College where she studied bookkeeping. 



Judith Soto
Spanish Instructor

Judith Soto is a Spanish Instructor at both the Northside and Buckhead Campuses. Judith grew up in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor Relations from the University of Puerto Rico. She has also completed continuing education courses in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Management Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence. She eagerly embraced homeschooling education for her two daughters from 2011 to 2015.

Mei Lee

Mei Lee Wells
Chinese Instructor

Mei Lee Wells was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She was adopted at 11 years old by an American family and moved to San Antonio, Texas.  After high school she joined the United States Air Force and traveled the world. She retired in 1999 to take care of her young son and soon after started volunteering with the preschool where her son was attending, first as a choir director and later as a teacher working around the school.  In 2008, Mei Lee started teaching Chinese Mandarin and soon was teaching 600 children. Mei Lee now offers Chinese instruction around the Atlanta metro area. She has found that Chinese education should start at infancy, and that it will develop the child’s ear.