Specialty Teacher - Spanish

Position Overview

Suzuki Specialty Teachers work collaboratively with the campus leadership, other specialty faculty, the Enrichment Coordinator and classroom faculty to provide children with a comprehensive and interactive curriculum. The Specialty Teacher is responsible for providing daily small group instruction as well as enrichment classes which parents sign up for at the start of each session. Specialty Teachers are expected to expand the child’s understanding of the elements and concepts of their courses by incorporating our Suzuki Enrichment Curriculum and utilizing their own specialized skills developed in formal training.


Major Tasks and Responsibilities:


Teacher/Child Relationship

  • Maintains a relationship with children congruent with Montessori philosophy.
  • Honors each child’s unique traits and path of development and maintains a professional relationship that ensures every child feel loved and valued.
  • Models desirable communication habits. This is displayed in the teacher’s tone, actions and body language.
  • Models and reinforces normalized behavior using Positive Discipline techniques.
  • Supports the children who require additional time or assistance due to behavior or other special needs.
  • Supports the children to “do it by themselves”, assisting only when necessary.
  • Knows the developmental milestones and the lessons that are appropriate for the age group.
  • Ensures all children are taught on the frequency agreed upon with Campus director.

Standardized curriculum and materials

  • Collaborates with other Specialty Teachers within the department to design and implement consistent monthly lesson plans for each classroom level.
  • Communicates directly with the Enrichment Coordinator and Campus Directors to submit orders for necessary materials each semester.
  • Receives feedback from campus administration and classroom staff in a professional manner and displays a willingness to readily implement suggestions when necessary.
  • Possesses a strong belief in every child’s ability to learn and retain language at a young age.
  • Effectively organizes and implements lesson plans in a timely manner.

Classroom Management

  • Ensures the health and safety of the children in accordance with Bright From the Start and Suzuki policy. Additionally, he/she knows count/names of children present at all times.
  • Assures that there is active supervision at all times, both in the designated enrichment space and during transitions.
  • Complies with and reinforces rules by setting clear behavior expectations.

Parent Relations

  • Forms effective professional relationships with the parents with timely and appropriate communications.
  • Maintains confidentiality with information surrounding the children, families and job.
  • Appropriately communicates and partners with parents regarding behavior concerns.
  • Consistently communicates comprehensive information concerning the curriculum via Instagram, the enrichment whiteboard and weekly email blasts.
  • Is able to provide information about children’s progress for progress reports.

Classroom Design and Maintenance

  • Designs and organizes a beautiful, prepared and simplistic enrichment space.
  • Takes a lead role in keeping the area orderly and pristine by preparing it on a daily basis.


  • Supports others in the school as requested – is a “team player”.
  • Possesses flexibility and a strong ability to multitask when taking on numerous assignments.
  • Is an intrinsically motivated individual who strives to consistently maintain an excellent curriculum.
  • Possesses a high level of self-sufficiency, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly in a precise manner.
  • Can work successfully in a multitude of environments (classrooms, enrichment spaces, etc)
  • Support classrooms during evacuation by assisting with removal of children from the building if the teacher does not have their own students at the time.
  • May provide front desk coverage and follow the protocols for such.



Major Skills and Competencies:

1.     Creative mindset:  Willing to think outside the box and have a creative mindset to present concepts. Innovation and creativity are highly valued in building the program, and imperative to the success of the position.

2.     Adaptability and flexibility: Ability to positively adapt to changing circumstances and environments and to be a quick thinker when lessons need to be adapted.

3.     Time Management: Ability to effectively organize and plan lessons and activities as needed, and to move between regular classes, enrichment classes, and other demands.

4.     Self-starter and self reliant: Can operate independently with self direction, and intrinsically motivated since most work is done alone

5.     Outgoing and assertive: This position requires interacting with parents and staff, and addressing space constraints. Therefore, the person must be able to easily reach out, set boundaries and do so in a positive manner.

6.     Team Player: Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers including classroom teachers, other specialty teachers, administrative staff, and parents; effectively handles interpersonal conflict situations. “Jump in attitude”

7.     Planning, Organization and record keeping skills: The Specialty teachers have to be able to track for a large number of students who has been taught within a week, and who still needs to be taught and the lessons that have been presented. This person must be able to plan events and coordinate and communicate with all stakeholders.

8.     Dependability: Adheres to the schedule for arrival time, lunches; comes to work on days when scheduled. Since the specialty teachers provide enrichment, cannot have excessive unplanned time off, or time that interferes with enrichment.

9.     Personal Accountability: Takes personal responsibility for what occurs in their workplace and on their team; does not place blame.

10.  Customer Focus: Ability and willingness to provide efficient, quality service to parents and classroom teachers and can communicate effectively.

11.  Compliance with regulation: Ability to follow through with policy and procedure (BFTS/Suzuki) to ensure the children and staff are safe at all times.

12.  Remember names: Specialty teachers work with many children and therefore the ability to remember a large number of names is very important.



Physical/Position Specific Job Requirements:

  • Specialty Teachers must be able to lift children and other heavy objects, at minimum 35 pounds, and for older children can be up to 50 pounds.
  • Specialty Teachers must be able to stand for long periods of time, have the ability to bend down and sit on the floor throughout the day, and get up and down with ease.
  • Specialty teachers frequently collaborate with other specialty teachers, and may work at one or more campuses. Therefore, the specialty teacher must have reliable transportation to get from one school to the other. Since specialty teachers provide classroom instruction and teach a semester of optional enrichment that parents sign up for in advance, Specialty teachers are required to commit to remain for a semester.

Environmental Job Requirements:

  • Specialty Teachers must be able to work in shared classrooms with limited or no dedicated space and with limited space for planning and storing materials.

Minimum Credentials:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Specialty teachers must have basic familiarity of Montessori or gain it within the first 6 months.
  • Specialty teachers must be able to teach in a child directed manner consistent with Montessori.
  • Specialty Teachers must have an Associate Teachers Degree or higher with training in the area of expertise.
  • Hours: 8:00-5:00 or 9:00-6:00; this includes time spent for planning, lunch and coverage/carrying out admin duties as requested by campus

Preferred Credentials:

  • Credential: BA or higher in addition to relevant experience and training in the area of expertise.