Sierra swann



Sierra Swann is an Associate in the Level 2A classroom at the Buckhead Campus since the summer of 2016.  Previously, Ms. Swann worked in high end restaurants and as an actress. Growing up, Sierra was surrounded by children when helping out relatives who operated schools. Through this experience she recognized that she has an affinity for young children.

Sierra enjoys teaching young children because they find joy in everything! Their optimism for life allows them to easily bounce back to continue to explore their world. When Sierra started working a the Suzuki School she was quickly entranced by the psychology of Montessori, and she finds it even feeds her inner child!

In her spare time, Sierra enjoys acting, modeling and reading non fiction. Earlier in life she was frequently in plays, but now she is getting more involved with film.

Sierra holds a BA in Theater and African Studies from Bard University in New York.