Shaneé Pinckney

PrePrimary I



Shaneé Pinckney is an Associate with PrePrimary 1 Northside Campus. Miss Shaneé joined the Suzuki School in May 2016 after leaving Sheltering Arms. While at her previous school, the creative curriculum approach to learning was enforced. For five months Miss Shaneé worked as an associate in their infant-toddler classroom.

Miss Shaneé was introduced to Montessori when she picked the route of education she wanted to study while attending college. She enjoys being a guide for her students and likes all the hands on learning done within and out of the classroom. While in school Miss Shaneé learned that teaching is a team effort and Suzuki does a great job of incorporating the parents, teachers, students and other staff members. To teach is one thing but learning to teach is another and we all learn something new daily.

In her free time Miss Shaneé enjoys cross-stitching, dance movies, and designing different things. One of her favorite things to do is design materials for the students to use within the classroom.

Miss Shaneé attended Atlanta Metropolitan State College and gained an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating she attended Kennesaw State University and now holds a BA in Early Childhood Education Birth through Kindergarten with a concentration in Montessori. Miss Shaneé is looking forward to getting her AMS Certification in early childhood training.