Sarah Miller
Primary I



Sarah Miller is an Associate-Teacher in the Primary 1 classroom at the PCM Campus. She joined the school at the start of the summer session in 2015, after spending several years teaching in a preschool and PreK classroom in Ohio.

After Sarah relocated to Atlanta in 2014, she wanted to find a school that would reignite her passion to teach. She was instantly drawn to the Suzuki School because the school the school was “all about the children” and not testing or utilizing curriculums that were ineffective.   When she observed at the Suzuki campuses she saw children who were passionate about learning, were always eager to be at school, and as a result, were much more advanced in their skills than those who she had taught in Ohio.  She often wonders why this approach is not used everywhere!

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her daughter, and blogging.

Miller has a BS in Youth Development from Kent State University, close to where she grew up in Akron, Ohio.