Primary Program

The Suzuki School Primary Program is designed for children turning three through six years of age. The Primary Program offers Montessori lessons by trained Montessori teachers throughout the day in a way that engages the students and develops in them a love of learning.

Students start in Primary when they achieve important developmental milestones including, but not limited to: an ability to listen and follow multi-step directions, their mastery of self help skills which allows them to work independently, as well as an ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

Children in the Primary Program are confident in their abilities and eager to absorb their world around them. Lessons in Primary include Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Music and Culture.

So what can you expect to see when observing a Montessori Primary classroom?

  • Lessons are taught to students during morning and afternoon work blocks, which can last up to three hours. Children select their own materials with which they have been presented. Teachers guide students to new lessons based on observations of each child’s readiness and mastery of concepts.
  • You will see that the children learn to write in cursive and to read in print. Handwriting is learned as a corollary to reading; it is first taught through tracing exercises and then, as the child begins to read, the cursive letters are demonstrated and mastered so that the child reads what he writes and writes what he reads.
  • Montessori Math is an empowering experience for Primary students and they love it! The power of Montessori Math is that the students learn to think about the concepts underlying math instead of relying on memorization. It’s amazing to watch three, four and five year old children adding, subtracting, and even doing simple multiplication and division!
  • Cultural exploration and geography takes several forms. Not only does it include learning about other countries (often focusing on the countries of origin of our students), but also learning the continents and countries of the world.
  • There are many activities that the children master over their two to three years in the classroom. When observing, you may see children in food prep, science exploration, playing the bells, sewing, or other incredible activities!
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In addition to a strong, core curriculum, the Primary Program offers a variety of enrichment classes. In Primary, students receive instruction in Music, Movement and Spanish throughout the week.

Optional enrichment classes are also available in:

  • Foreign Language (Spanish, French and Mandarin depending on the campus)
  • Music (small group lessons in piano, violin, and music workshops)
  • and Movement (such as ballet and karate)

Our regular curriculum is also supplemented throughout the year by special visitors which expand a child’s exposure to self-expression. These visitors include storytellers, musicians, magicians, and nature specialists, to name a few!

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