Preparation for Elementary Schools

Leaving The Suzuki School

The majority of our students leave The Suzuki School in Primary (including the third year Primary/Kindergarten Program), often depending on the family's choice of either public or private elementary school.  Of these, approximately 50 percent to 60 percent (dependent on area of town) enroll in Atlanta private schools; the rest attend public schools.  


The Suzuki School staff is familiar with the expectations of many of the area independent schools and works with the children and parents to prepare the children for these schools.

As early childhood educators, our first priority at Suzuki is to develop in each and every child a sense of confidence and readiness for elementary school. We hear repeatedly from the independent schools that they seek students with sense of assurance, the ability to listen and follow directions, and children who can collaborate and interact with peers and teachers alike. Suzuki students excel in these areas.

Our students have tremendous success when they apply out to area Private Schools and thrive in their new school environments. We work closely with families to familiarize them with the Atlanta school options and offer assistance throughout the process.

Applying to Private Schools:

We work closely with our families during the Private School application and acceptance process. Each year the leadership staff meeting with Private School representative to get an update on their programs and expectations.

The private school education parent education process starts off each year with several informational sessions including:

  • Private School Seminar – The Private School Seminar has been hosted for a decade and includes a description of the application process as well as a lively parent panel who will answer any questions!
  • Private School Open House – area Private Schools attend the open house to meet Suzuki families
  • Public School Seminar –the Public School Seminar is hosted after the Public School Open House and helps Suzuki families better understand the area public school expectations.
  • Public School Open House – PTA representatives from area public schools attend the open house to inform parents about their the public school programs in the area neighborhoods.