Pre-Primary Program

The Suzuki School Montessori Pre-Primary classrooms are designed to meet the developmental needs of children from approximately 18 months to 36 months of age. These young students have a very strong sense of order and a great desire for independence and self-direction. The Pre-Primary classrooms are carefully prepared with these needs in mind, allowing the child to explore and learn in a secure and loving environment.

In the Pre-Primary classrooms, children learn from Infant-Toddler Montessori teachers to independently choose lessons, move the lesson to a work area, complete the lesson, and return it back to where it belongs.  These toddlers are developing the capacity to concentrate for longer periods of time, and succeed by replicating lessons they have been presented and mastering them through repetition. The Pre-Primary child is also learning important socialization skills including patience, sharing, and over time, how to successfully interact and play with other children in the classroom. 

  • The learning environment is carefully created so the children can interact with the materials throughout the entire day, upon arriving to school, during the formal lesson block, and in the afternoon after naps and outside time. The children enjoy having access to the materials throughout the day.
  • You will see many lessons in Practical Life and sensorial – these are important foundational lessons that prepare the children for success in all areas of life.
  • In Pre-Primary, the children are introduced to foundational math and language lessons, building upon concepts introduced in infant-toddler program.
  • Toilet training begins when children demonstrate readiness, generally in Level 2 or Pre-Primary.

PrePrimary Enrichment Programs

In addition to a strong core curriculum, the Suzuki School takes pride in offering classes that help enrich Pre-Primary minds. Pre-Primary students receive instruction during the week in Movement, Spanish, and Music with experienced instructors. In addition, there are optional enrichment programs available in music for these young students.

Our regular curriculum is also supplemented throughout the year by special visitors which expand a child’s exposure to self-expression. These visitors include storytellers, musicians, magicians, and nature specialists, to name a few!

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