Porshe Byrd

Level II


Porshe Byrd is an Associate faculty member in the Level Two classroom at the Northside campus since the summer of 2016.  Previously, she worked at the Youth Villages at Inner Harbor for 2 years and as a behavior counselor for troubled youth. Through her work with young teens she came to recognize that early intervention was key to preventing future problems with adolescents. She believes that if children are taught in the first 5 years the appropriate behaviors, that they will be successful later in life.

What Porshe loves about working in a Montessori classroom is the strong connection she forms with the children, and she loves watching their minds explore their environment free of the restrictions that develop as children get older.

In her spare time, Porshe enjoys working out, including running and kickball.  In college, she was a member of the South Caroline Track and Field Team!

Porshe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of South Carolina, with a minor in social work.