Welcome to the Ponce City Market Extracurricular Activity Registration Page! 

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This Winter/Spring, you may register for another handful of incredible classes! We have Exploring Music, Suzuki Scholars, Yoga and Dance, which you may have already seen before; however, we've also added Karate to the list! In addition, Exploring Music will also cover classes like Percussion (for PrePrimary), a selection between three incredible classes as well as Suzuki Piano and Violin – both instructed by our own Miss Tricia!

If you signed the Rollover slip at the Front Desk for a qualifying class, then your registration has been taken care of. Otherwise, you will need to register again. As always, be sure to adhere to the age requirements listed for any class. Typically these are defined by the classroom where the class is available unless directly stated on either the form or the information packet provided at the Front Desk.

Please be aware that some mobile browsers disable anchor links. This does not mean the form is not working, it just means you may have to scroll down to the appropriate page. 

Dance and Karate is run by a third-party vendor; as such, you will not register through Suzuki. You may use the link below to be taken to the registration and payment portal. Please be aware that Suzuki will not be managing the registrations of these vendors!

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Dance is managed by StudioGo; click the image to be taken to registration!

Dance is managed by StudioGo; click the image to be taken to registration!