Parent Education


We help parents understand the importance of setting realistic expectations for their child, of providing appropriate materials and of forming an awareness of what their child are ready to learn and not ready to learn. Dr. Suzuki reiterated on many occasions that “If a child is scolded, his ability will not grow and develop.” Adults often unwittingly damage a child through comparisons to siblings or peers or through inappropriate expectations in these sensitive years. As Dr. Suzuki stated, “Nurturing is the basis for developing ability,” and our approach to teaching has been established to honor this principle.  

In order to provide appropriate support for each child in his or her journey at Suzuki, the school and parents partner together. Dr. Suzuki recognized that “good teachers at home and at school provide the very best learning environment for small children,” and this is the kind of environment we support at The Suzuki School.

The journey to Parent Partnership and education begins when you decide to enroll your child, attend information sessions, and begin moving through the New Parent Orientation. Throughout your child’s education, you will primarily be partnering with teachers and support staff while your child receives the best possible guidance in their development during the first five years.

In order to increase parents’ ability to provide the best experience for their children, as well as to gain insight into their child’s development, we commit to:

1)      Ongoing parenting training support

2)      Discussion groups

3)      Online resources

4)      Guest Speakers

5)      Informational sessions

The Suzuki School “develops in young children a life-long love of learning through honoring each child’s natural talent and ability in partnership with the parents.”

In order to maintain this level of Parent Partnership, both the teachers and support staff are collectively involved in addressing any concerns you may have.