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Nina Morris
PrePrimary II

Montessori Teacher


Nina Morris is an Montessori Teacher in PrePrimary 2 at Suzuki’s Buckhead Campus. She joined the faculty in January 2015 after spending the fall substituting at the school. Before Suzuki, Nina worked in retail, and for 2 years as a professional clown! From her work as a clown, she found she had a real connection with children and interviewed at Suzuki based on a recommendation from another faculty member.

Ms. Morris enjoys teaching because she likes to help children find their creative side through art.  She was not familiar with the Montessori method of education before she started at Suzuki, but what she quickly noted was how the children thrived in the structured, but highly-organized environment.

Nina’s main hobby is art, in particular, painting abstract art using oil-based paints. You can even see some of her art around the Buckhead campus!

Ms. Morris is currently attending Georgia State University aiming for her BA in Education and Art History.  Currently a sophomore, she has found her passion in combining education with art. She is a certified Montessori Infant Toddler Teacher with the American Montessori Society.