Naomi Robinson
Level II B



Naomi Robinson is an associate in the Level 2B classroom at Ponce City Market. Naomi joined the Suzuki Schools in the summer 2016, first working at the Buckhead Campus.  Before Suzuki, Naomi held a variety of positions in retail and call centers, and also worked for 2 years at a Kids r Kids in the classroom for one year old students.

Naomi thoroughly enjoys working with young students because she recognizes their genuine love of learning, and likes watching them evolve through the different developmental stages.  She has appreciated working in a Montessori environment for infants because she appreciates how the enriched learning environment entices the children’s curiosity and desire to learn new skills.

In her spare time, Naomi enjoys spending time with her daughter, contemporary ballet and watching comedy movies!

Naomi is in the process of completing her BA at Ashford University in Early Childhood Education, and hopes to be complete by 2018!