Exploring Music series

Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Montessori both recognized that one can ignite a passion for music in young children through proper introduction.  Both pedagogies recognize the importance of the noble heart and believe that repetition and reinforcement allow students to master musical concepts early in their development.

At the Suzuki School, music is part of our daily routine. Music is incorporated by teachers in the core curriculum starting at the infant level.  As the child gets older, a more extensive focus on music is offered and taught by dedicated music instructors. Primary and PrePrimary students are given ample opportunities to share musical experiences with family and the community through performances scheduled throughout the year.  In addition, the school offers a variety of extra music enrichment options for families who are interested in additional music exposure for their children outside of normal class time.

From the very beginning, music is an integral part of every Suzuki child’s day.


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What happens in Suzuki Sounds?

Level I and II: Our music curriculum includes group singing and instrument play with a variety of percussion instruments, as well as combines puppetry and props to introduce the youngest students to chants, rhymes, finger plays, seasonal songs, and traditional lullabies and folk songs.

PrePrimary: Pre-Primary students have opportunities to explore a variety of percussion instruments while being immersed in traditional folk songs, multicultural, and seasonal songs as well as echo, action, and direction songs. These young students synthesize these experiences as they perform for parents during the Suzuki Thanksgiving Performance. Our music teacher, visits the Pre-Primary classrooms several times a week to introduce these younger children to the beauty and wonder of music.

Primary: The Primary music program includes group singing and instrument play with movement to help to develop gross motor skills and coordination while experiencing music. Using a variety of styles of music and songs these students explore fast and slow tempos, loud and soft dynamics with movement, games, and instrument play. These students practice aural discrimination, matching pitch, and maintaining a steady beat. Children in Primary are also introduced to Montessori bells, which offers the children lessons in pitch, matching and grading notes on a diatonic scale.

Third-year Primary The Third-Year Primary music program identical to the Primary music program with the addition of the Suzuki Singers choral program offered to all Kindergarten students. As part of a wonderful Suzuki tradition, the Kindergarten students practice and participate in Suzuki Singers, a choral group performs traditional and non-traditional holiday songs in English, French, and German for the Atlanta community in venues such as the Atlanta International School German Market, Lenox Mall, the Alliance Theatre, as well as area businesses, schools and nursing homes.

Music Enrichment: The Suzuki School also offers music enrichment classes throughout the year, with registrations beginning in August, January, and May. These classes can include class-specfic music enrichment, violin, and piano.