Marquis Brown

Primary II



Marquis is a Primary Two Associate at the Northside Campus. Before joining the Suzuki School in the fall of 2016, Marquis had worked in an internship in historic preservation as well as an internship teaching middle school children in Cuba.

Marquis became interested in education while working as a teacher in Cuba, and became interested in Montessori after observing the Montessori classrooms at the Suzuki School.  Marquis was drawn to Montessori because the teacher’s role is that of a guide rather than that of an instructor, and sees how much more independence and enthusiasm for learning that the children develop.  In his mind, Montessori teaches children to fish instead of just giving them the fish; that is to say, the children develop the skills to learn rather than just memorize.

Brown has a huge passion for Cuban Jazz, researching obscure historical events and has a deep interest in linguistics and language – he has studied Spanish, French and German. Marquis is very adventuresome, not only visiting Cuba for an internship, but also in spending two semesters at Northumbria University in New Castle, UK.

Marquis graduated from Georgia State University with a dual degree in History and Cultural Studies with a minor in English.