Kelley Francis
Primary II

Montessori Teacher


Kelley Francis is a Montessori Teacher at the PCM campus in Primary II. She joined Suzuki in 2014 based on a recommendation from a Suzuki faculty member. Before joining Suzuki, Kelley worked for 7 years as a nanny.

Kelley was attracted to The Suzuki School because of the collaborative teaching approach. She found that working with a team promotes creativity and effective problem-solving. Additionally, she appreciates that the Suzuki students are each honored as unique individuals who are encouraged to pursue independence and knowledge. She finds in that the Level 2 children, that they can far exceed what is expected that they can learn because limitations are not put on them on what they are allowed to learn.

In her spare time, Kelley enjoys watching movies off of IMDb's top ranked list, reading, and learning new songs on her guitar.  Kelley is also an avid artist, and enjoys painting landscapes and abstract art.

Kelley earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Kennesaw State University in 2014.