Jessica tubbs
primary ii



Jessica is an Associate in the Primary 2 classroom at Suzuki’s Northside campus. 

She began working in early childhood education in 2015, after a successful career in digital advertising. Endeavoring to find more fulfilling work, Jessica began substituting at a traditional primary school in Midtown and was quickly promoted to the position of Assistant Teacher as a result of her love for children, her positive contribution to her classroom, and her passion and enthusiasm for early childhood development. During this time, Jessica knew for certain that her life’s calling was to work with children.

Jessica joined the Suzuki staff in the summer of 2017. She was initially attracted to The Suzuki School because of the Montessori environment, the beautiful campuses, and the diversity of staff and women in leadership positions. Jessica appreciated that teachers act as learning guides rather than traditional instructors, and that the fostering of students’ independence and self-confidence begins at a very young age. Now, fully immersed in The Suzuki School Northside, Jessica is enjoying fostering positive relationships with her students, learning more about the Montessori teaching method, and working with her knowledgeable classroom team. 

Jessica is an Atlanta native. She attended Woodward Academy from primary school through high school (Upper School). Afterwards, she attended the University of Georgia. Jessica holds a B.A. and a MBA. She is looking forward to becoming a fully-certified Montessori teacher.

When Jessica is not at The Suzuki School, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, visiting tropical destinations, and enjoying cultural and performing arts.