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Jessica Paist
Level II



Jessica Paist is a Teacher-in-Training in the Level 2 classroom at the Northside Campus. She joined the Suzuki School in the Fall of 2014 after returning from Ghana where she taught in an elementary school for 9 months.

What attracted Jessica to the Suzuki School is the fact that at Suzuki , both in our classrooms and outside of them, everyone partners together to come up with the very best for each classroom and the children in it. She believes that it is not often you encounter an environment that everyone consistently helps each other achieve success. She is passionate about teaching young children and loves seeing the moment when something "clicks" for the first time and the child is able to begin to master a new skill.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and watching movies.

Jessica received her Bachelor's degree in 2011 from Georgia State University - majoring in Religious Studies and Hospitality. She is attending training to become a certified Montessori Infant-Toddler teacher through The American Montessori Society."