Infant/Toddler Program- Level I & II

The Suzuki School Infant-Toddler Program puts children on the right path for developing a life-long love of learning. Our infants thrive in a stimulating environment with trained Infant/Toddler Montessori teachers utilizing Montessori materials and a time tested Montessori curriculum. Beginning as young as 3 months of age, our infant and young toddler students in Levels 1 and 2 are introduced to Montessori lessons that pique their curiosity and develop their senses to start them on their learning journey.

Our Infant-Toddler Program curriculum includes: becoming independent, developing language skills, encouraging movement, and developing the five senses. A few examples of Montessori lessons that the teachers will work with an infant on are: holding their own bottle, transferring objects from one container to another and reaching for objects on a busy bar. In addition, our music teachers and the physical movement faculty start exposing these young children to the magic of music and movement. 

The Level 2 Teaching Staff works closely with the young toddlers on developing independence in self care – in particular in eating, changing, and even potty training!

If you’ve not visited our Infant-Toddler classrooms make sure and visit during the morning lesson block and watch the children delight in their lessons!

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