How we Teach

The faculty at the Suzuki School teaches using American Montessori Society (AMS) curriculum, as well as blending in the philosophies of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  Teachers and Assistants work year round, with breaks throughout the year. The teachers are generally the first to arrive each day and prepare the classroom for the students.

Lessons are taught throughout the day, in particular during the morning and afternoon work blocks. During the afternoons, many children also participate in enrichment activities that take them out of the classroom. 




The Suzuki School has a strong collaborative culture.  Teacher and Associates input is solicited and important in guiding the schools direction.  Teachers are the leaders in the classroom and set the direction. Associates work closely with teachers and the leadership team on how to improve the health and safety of the school environment.

We seek faculty who are interested in seeking diversity of thought, and incorporating or sincerely considering others perspectives. An important part of the collaborative teaching environment is the daily team meetings held in each classroom. These meetings are an important time to share pertinent information on the children and their families, to discuss opportunities and issues in the classroom and to brainstorm on certain lessons and shared subject areas. 

In order to ensure that collaboration is effective, an environment of high accountability is required. The teaching teams work very closely together, supporting and guiding each other in every teacher’s journey towards excellence. Throughout the year, teachers complete a self-assessment on teaching and teaming skills. This same assessment instrument is then used by co-teachers and the support staff. Once the baseline assessment is completed, each teacher meets with their entire team on a periodic basis to receive feedback and support on the consolidated evaluation.