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Hilary Grante
primary i

Montessori Teacher


Hilary Grante is a Montessori Teacher in the Primary I classroom at the Buckhead Campus. Hilary joined the Suzuki School in 2005, and before that taught Pre-K for approximately 8 years in New York City. Miss Hilary has taught in both PrePrimary and Primary classrooms. 

What excites Hilary about teaching at Suzuki is the fact that the school focuses on providing an environment rich in learning opportunities. She knows from experience that children are more likely to learn if they are part of the learning process and she gets very excited when she sees children developing skills and accuracy in their work.

Ms. Grante is originally from the beautiful island country of Nevis.  She has one daughter, a son in law, and two grandchildren! In her spare time, Hilary enjoys helping others through church community and juicing.

Hilary has a BA in Education and Sociology from Lehman College in New York and a Masters of Arts in Education from Ashford University. She has completed the PAMS Montessori course. She is also a certified Montessori Early Childhood Teacher with the American Montessori Society.