May our child attend during the school year only?

We do not offer a nine-month program, but rather staff and plan
for activities year-round. Families may withdraw a child for a minimum of one
month to a maximum of two months by paying one half the normal tuition rates
for this period in order to keep their child enrolled.

Do you offer summer camps for children not attending Suzuki during the school year?

 No. The summer months are an important time for children to
acclimate in their new classrooms and therefore, we do not open the classrooms
for summer-only enrollment.

Do you offer a half day program?

No. The program is established to be full day with every part of day offering
important lessons to the child.

I wish to enroll my child in the first available space at any campus but will later transfer to my campus of choice. Is this possible?

Yes! You may submit a Transfer Request.

For more information, please contact  Admissions@suzukischool.com or contact our Admissions line directly at: (404) 841-3939.