Dr. Suzuki insisted that parents must partner closely with the educators of their children. He recognized that the parent is the first and best teacher of his child, and that the fate of a child is in the hands of his parents. The Suzuki School recognizes that the parent has several important obligations to their child in their educational journey during the first five years.

Parents must also partner with their child’s teachers so that his needs are met. The teaching teams have the knowledge, training and experience in providing the environment and the lessons, and they will collaborate together with parents so that both the home and school environment offer a consistent outlook on what the child is learning. 

The child’s school day is filled with countless learning opportunities in language, math, arts, and in life skills. Parental focus at home should provide those experiences for the child that cannot be taught at school: trips throughout the community, visits to friends and relatives, gardening, preparing and serving meals, cleaning and organizing the various rooms in the house, travelling to new places, and of course, enjoying time at home together. These collective experiences provide an enduring structure and a comforting sanctuary that, when combined with the lessons of the classroom, develop a balanced, well-rounded child.

Parent Partnership

Parent partnership is the bedrock for success for every child in preschool. This partnership is both between the parent and the teacher as well as between the parent and the leadership team because both teachers and parents must communicate frequently about the progress of the child. When there are questions or issues, the leadership team and the parents partner to determine the best outcome for the child. The Suzuki School offers an Open Door Policy to reinforce this partnership, and we want you to know that we take this policy seriously. We want to hear from our parents with any concerns or suggestions that they may have.

Building a Strong Community

It takes a village to successfully raise a child. We believe that our Suzuki community is our village.  The school has a variety of community building events throughout the year, some of which are co-sponsored by the school Parent Volunteer Association (PVA). These community events are a great way for parents to connect, and for families to develop life-long friendships. These events are scheduled throughout the year and can include dinners at area restaurants, fun events at parks, or meetings at different child friendly venues.

Parent University at The Suzuki School

If you are a first time parent, or new to Montessori, you will appreciate our Suzuki Parent University. Our faculty provides a variety of parent education workshops throughout the year including applying Montessori to the home, cooking classes, and parenting classes.