Esha DeSilva
Primary II

Montessori Teacher


Esha DeSilva is a Montessori Teacher in Primary 2 at the Buckhead Campus, and has been with The Suzuki School since September, 2010. Her previous career experience includes teaching for sixteen years at multiple Montessori Schools in both Atlanta and Vienna, Austria including an international bilingual (German/English) Montessori preschool in Vienna.

Esha is a passionate Montessorian; she believes that the method empowers children to become both “enthusiastic lifelong learners” and to accomplish goals that make them feel very proud. She appreciates that her role is that of a guide, and that she does not need to “force” children to learn.  She knows she has achieved “nirvana” as a teacher when the  children are so absorbed in their work that she no longer exists to them at that moment.

In her spare time, Esha enjoys music, cooking, visiting with friends, singing, biking along beautiful countrysides.  You can often hear Ms. Esha playing the keyboards and singing with her students!

She holds an AMS Montessori certification for 2.5 years to 6 years of age and an Undergraduate degree in Economics from Colombo University in Sri Lanka.