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Emma Newell
Level I

Montessori Teacher


Emma Newell is a Montessori Teacher with the Level I classroom at the Northside Campus.  She joined the Suzuki School in January 2015 after spending some time in marketing in the business world.


Emma is attracted to Early Childhood Education because she enjoys watching the children have the “lightbulb” moments in learning.  She has become a passionate Montessorian because she has seen how profoundly effective it is as honoring young children in their quest to learn and conquer their world around them! In addition, she enjoys watching the children learning something new every day and watching their excitement about the things they are learning.

In her spare time, Newell enjoys photography and watching horror movies. She also enjoys working out and you will see her at school from time to time doing so!

Emma graduated from Salisbury University with a BSc. in Earth Science.