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Dorian Lumpkin
Primary I

Montessori Teacher


Dorian Lumpkin is a Primary Montessori Teacher with the Primary 1 teaching team at the Buckhead Campus. Dorian joined the Suzuki School faculty directly following her college education. She knew her passion was early childhood education and felt confident that the Suzuki School would be a place to continue to grow and develop her experiences.

Dorian joined the Suzuki School faculty in the summer of 2013. She was interested in joining a Montessori environment because of her early experiences as a child in a Montessori school. She remembered how exciting it was to complete the birthday celebration lesson each year and how fun it was to learn German at young age. These memories combined with her desire to steer clear of the standardized tests and strict curriculum of the public schools, encouraged her to explore her Montessori opportunities.

Dorian truly appreciates the fostering of independence and diversity in education that the Suzuki School provides. She recognizes that not all children learn in the same manner and that each child has certain abilities and interests, and she feels that the Montessori method utilized at the Suzuki School provides the best support for those beliefs.

When she is not teaching, Dorian enjoys cooking, traveling and being a mother to two wonderful children.

Dorian Lumpkin graduated from Albany State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has an AMS certification in Early Childhood Education.