Danny Glynn
Primary I



Danny Glynn is an Associate in the Primary I classroom at the Ponce City Market Campus.  After graduating from high school, Danny decided to take a break and teach music. He is a gifted musician, and was in steady demand to teach classical piano and guitar!  After teaching music for a couple years, he was hired to work and lead a Kids Gym,  which he did for three years and loved!  He also worked a short sprint teaching in a preschool in Colorado, but decided to move home to Georgia, which led him to join the Suzuki School.

Mr. Danny joined the Primary faculty at the beginning of the summer, 2015. He has loved working with the young children and is a natural with them!  He has a natural gift for engaging children and helping them to reach their inner potential.

Danny continues to be a passionate musician and this consumes much of his free time. Besides continuing to play the piano and guitar, he also is learning the saxophone, and is a singer and song-writer!