Constanza galindez

preprimary ii



Constanza Galindez is an Associate in the PrePrimary 2 classroom at our Northside campus.

Before joining Suzuki, Miss Connie worked at Stepping Stone’s Child Development Center and Beaver Ridge Elementary School for several years where she was a Spanish Instructor. Now, she is working with our PrePrimary 2 team and is grateful for the opportunity to work with the children using fluent Spanish in the classroom as part of their daily lessons.

Miss Connie immigrated to United States in 2002. Her goal is to continue her own education of being an instructor, as well as learning the architecture of the young mind. She wishes to provide the love, education and nurturing each child requires in order to develop in them a sense of trust, security and independence. When she isn’t pursuing education, either for herself or our children, she enjoys watching films of all types, reading, and spending time with her daughter and husband.