Catherine Tavares
Level I

Montessori Teacher

Catherine has been an associate Teacher in the Level One classroom at the Buckhead Suzuki Campus since joining us in summer of 2017. She previously worked as a nanny for 3 years and prior to that she worked at the Frazer Center in Atlanta Ga for 4 years, first as an Assistant Teacher in an Infant Classroom and then as a Lead Teacher in her own Infant Classroom via a promotion by Charlie Jones and Courtney May. What Catherine loves about working in a Montessori classroom is observing the differences in infant development between traditional schools versus a Montessori school. She has learned a lot of new ideas on how children learn and is eager to explore this new concept further.

In her spare time, Catherine is a stage method actress and performs for various production companies. She sings and isn’t shy having to perform in front of others. She also enjoys spending time with her Mom (whom she takes care of due to suffering from beginners Alzheimer after having 7 strokes since Catherine’s birth till 2 years ago), her 3 children and her 1 year old puppy Rusty. She enjoys reading James Patterson books, listening to Jazz and Blues, attending poetry cafes and making jewelry in her spare time.

Catherine holds an Associate of Arts degree in Teacher Education.

Catherine currently attends the American Montessori Infant-Toddler training and will graduate May 2019.