Primary I



Caress Stokes is an Associate in the Primary 1 classroom at the Buckhead campus since the summer of 2016.  Previously, she worked in the public school system in North Carolina in the front office. In addition, Caress has spent time as a mental health counselor. During high school Caress not only babysat, but also worked as a camp counselor and at a daycare.

Caress has always loved working with children. She was immediately entranced with Montessori when she started working at the Suzuki School because she saw how the young children became so independent and interested in learning at such a young age. She is constantly amazed at their level of interest in learning and how quickly they can master new areas introduced to them.

In her spare time, Caress enjoys volunteering working with the homeless community.  She is also a certified makeup artist, and enjoys free lancing.

Ms. Stokes holds a Bachelor of Arts in Family Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development and Family Relations from North Carolina Central University.