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brooke Greenwood
Pre-Primary IV

Montessori Teacher


Brooke Greenwood is a Montessori Teacher with the Pre-Primary IV teaching team at the Buckhead Campus. Before joining the Suzuki faculty in March 2015, Brooke worked for 8 years with at-risk juveniles and with adults with Alzheimer's.

Brooke  was attracted to the Suzuki School because of the Montessori curriculum. She appreciates the interactive nature of teaching in Montessori, and that the adult serves as a guide rather than as an instructor to the young students.  She feels that her relationship with the students is more of a partnership, which allows her to create a strong bond with each child.  As a result, she finds the work with the Pre-Primary children to be very rewarding.

Brooke has many hobbies, in particular health and fitness. She enjoys running in 5K races, and also enjoys listening to music and enjoying art - her favorite genre is Surrealism. She also keeps very active with her extended family - she is one of 11 siblings, and has 40 nieces and nephews!

Brooke received her Bachelors (Social Science) and Masters (International Relations) degrees from Troy University. She is a certified Montessori Infant-Toddler Teacher with the American Montessori Society.