Ashley Stotz

PrePrimary III


Ashley Stotz is an Associate Teacher in the Level 2B classroom at the Buckhead campus. She has been with us since the summer of 2016.  In college, she worked at a development center, and then moved into operations and management for an Atlanta hospitality group.

What Ashley loves about working in a Montessori classroom is watching how rapidly the children learn, grow, and explore. She finds it the most fulfilling job that she has had.  She was attracted to the Suzuki School because of the focus on each child, and that it teaches children to manage their own experience and pace of learning.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys hiking with her dog and camping.  She has also travelled in the US, living not only in Michigan where she was born, but also in Eugene, Oregon for several years.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from the University of Michigan, and is currently attending the American Montessori Infant-Toddler training in the 2016-2017 session.