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Submitting a New Student Application

Submitting an Application:

Applications may be completed online for BuckheadNorthside, or Ponce City Market. Once you have submitted an application, we ask that you send an email on a periodic basis to the Admissions Department of your chosen campus notifying them of your continued interest or if there has been a change in any of the information you have already submitted. We recognize that many parents have a change of plans or choose other options and it is important that we receive updates so that those families who have consistently informed us of their desire to remain on the wait pool are offered a space as soon as it becomes available! We highly encourage you to schedule a tour with us online before submitting an application.

  • Submit an application online by clicking the campus link below. A $95 application fee will be assessed for each child you wish to be considered for enrollment. On the application, specify what your desired start date is and campus preference. Include any other special requests or child and family specific information you can share!

After the Application

  • Moving Forward: If there is potential to move you forward in the admissions process the Admissions Coordinator will reach out to schedule a Parent Interview with you and the Campus Directors. Afterwards, if there is mutual interest you will receive an official offer letter from the Suzuki School for a specified start date. To secure your spot you will submit a perpetual security deposit and a signed Tuition Agreement that will confirm enrollment for your child
  • Enrollment: Once your enrollment has been confirmed, you will complete online Authorization Packet at least one week before the start of the child’s first day of attendance. You will also be expected to attend a mandatory New Parent Orientation - this invitation will come from your campus' Director. You will also be invited to attend a Teacher Meet and Greet during certain times of the year.


Acceptance Criteria and Typical Timing

Families in our waiting pool are accepted to Suzuki based on a match of the following: requested and available start dates, desired campus, birth dates, sibling status, expression of continued interest, application date, and a determination by the school of how the family will fit with the school philosophy. Older children may be required to come in for an observation as a condition of acceptance before starting. Please note that we only offer a full-time program with a request to drop off children no later than 9 a.m. each day.

Notification of Acceptance for Summer Session

  • We will notify you within a month of your acceptance. 
  • Please note: Children enrolled for the Summer Session will be required to pay full tuition from the first day of the program regardless of actual start date.

Notification of Acceptance for School Year

  • Families submitting an application for the upcoming school year will be notified by email in the Spring as to their acceptance. Please understand that we can only finalize availability for the school year once currently enrolled students are notified of acceptance to private schools for the upcoming school year.
  • Please note: Children enrolled for the school year (August-May) will be required to pay full tuition from the first day of the program regardless of actual start date.

Limited Acceptance
(other than the start of the regular School Year or Summer Session)

  • During the course of the School Year, we traditionally experience some unplanned attrition when families have a change in plans or circumstances. We accept families in the waiting pool at this time based on the acceptance criteria. If your child is not yet born when you apply, or if you seek to enroll before these sessions begin, it is wise to make alternative arrangements until a space becomes available when the new session begins. However, we do encourage you to notify us on your desired start date and program because attrition can occur throughout the year in the Infant classrooms as parents change plans and consequently create availability.

Changes to Anticipated Start Date

  • If the anticipated start date for your child should change after you have signed the tuition agreement and paid the perpetual security deposit, please contact the Admissions Coordinator immediately. Should you decide to postpone the start date of your child, please understand the space is forfeited and the deposit is non-refundable.


Timing of Acceptances

The Suzuki School accepts new families primarily at the beginning of the Summer Session in June and the beginning of the School Year in August of each year. The Summer Session starts in June, and the School Year begins in alignment with area private and public schools—generally at the beginning of August. The school also accepts new students throughout the year where attrition creates availability.

The school hosts Prospective Parent Tours throughout the year to provide an overview of the Suzuki curriculum, philosophy, and academic programs for families interested in having their children considered for future enrollment. Applications accompanied by a $95 non-refundable processing fee may be submitted throughout the year.


Attendance Options

  • The school operates within a twelve-month calendar and offers a full day program, Monday through Friday throughout the year. There is no part time program option.
  • Although we are open from 7 AM until 6 PM, parents may drop and pick up anytime between these hours. We do ask that children arrive at school before 9 AM so that the morning learning block is not interrupted. 
  • Most children are typically picked up between the hours of 4 PM and 5 PM as they participate in learning activities throughout the day with specific times scheduled in the morning and afternoons for learning activities.    
  • The school does not offer a half-day program nor a 9 month program.  Rather, our program is designed with a full-day schedule, and as a 12 month program. The Suzuki School staffs the school to operate within a 12-month calendar, and therefore we only offer a twelve-month program for enrollment.  The summer months are an important period for the children at Suzuki as they acclimate to new classrooms and/or are actively involved in summer enrichment activities.