Afra Brown
Level I A


Afra Brown is an Associate with the Level 1A classroom at Ponce City Market. She joined the Suzuki Staff as a floater in the fall of 2015, and moved into the classroom in the winter session.  Ms. Afra has approximately three years of experience in a traditional early childhood setting working with infants.  

Afra is intrigued with the Montessori System of Education for infants, because she has seen how much more the children are interested in learning when given the support and independence to do so.  She is a huge advocate of a hands approach to learning for the infants because they quickly adapt and want to do things themselves!

Afra has many hobbies including spending time outdoors, art, yoga, and enjoying all types of music! Her newest venture is writing a book on relationships!

Ms. Brown has an Associates Degree from Johnson and Wales University in North Miami.