Administrative Coordinator at the Suzuki School

Position Overview:

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for managing front desk operations in a professional manner at all times. This position is not only the “face” of the school, but also serves a key role in ensuring the health, safety and security of the community. This position requires high level problem solving, good attention to detail, and high level of fluency with technology. This person serves an important role of being the “eyes and ears” for the director on issues and concerns and brings them to their attention in a timely manner. In addition, persons assigned to this position are expected to master new skills and duties and to grow their competencies while in the position.

Major Tasks and Responsibilities:

1.        Front Desk Operations:

  • Serve as the primary interface with parents, teachers, visitors, and vendors for daily matters, greeting and assisting them, answering their questions and always being helpful and pleasant.
  • Maintain a professional image at all times including tastefully groomed, uncluttered front desk, with organized files according to Suzuki standards
  • Is approachable at all times to parents, vendors, teachers and staff
  • Limits idle chatter at the front desk by other parties that impedes on properly supporting parents and security
  • Maintains an Inventory frequently requested forms for parents as they request them
  • Maintain the Front Desk Communication Log
  • Is willing and able to assist Director or Assistant Director with tasks

2.       Answer parent, teacher and other stakeholder questions or direct them to the correct individual

  1. Answers the telephone in professional manner
  2. Answers questions from stakeholders in a pleasant and professional manner
  3. Gets answers or direct individuals to the correct person
  4. Checks voicemail daily

3.       Admissions: Parent tours and interviews

  • Completes interest form in Childcare CRM when prospective families call in and admissions not available.
  • Warmly welcomes prospective families who visit for parent tours and parent interviews
  • Make a copy of their IDs

4.       Notification of Withdrawal by Parents: 

  • When parents mention to the Front Desk personnel that they are withdrawing their child or considering                withdrawing their child, immediately informs Admissions.

5.       Parent Reference Table

  • Ensure accurate and stocked information at the Parent Desk
    • Current month's menu
    • Yearly calendar
    • Enrichment schedule
    • Private and Public school information

6.       Welcome and Prepare New Families:

  • If you have not received picture through an email, take pictures of parents before a family starts, or get someone else to do it at the New Parent Orientation.
  • Upload pictures to EZCare
  • Take responsibility for pictures of new children in EZ Care or request help in getting the pictures and uploading them.  Ensure that all pictures of new students are entered within two weeks of start date
  • Activate PINS when notified that the family has attended a New Parent Orientation, or request assistance if needed

7.       Vendors and visitors:

  • Be familiar with all vendors and visitors, whether they need criminal background checks, and whether   they have been done or not. Make sure that vendors and visitors are checked in with identification
  • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of name badges, and make more if there are not enough
  • When a vendor or visitor has a Bright From the Start letter, please place it in the Vendor binder to ensure that all admin have access to it

8.       EZ Care and Timeclock

  • Have a general understanding of EZCare and be able to run reports as requested and either download    or email them to the recipient
  • Understanding of the important functions in Timeclock and EZCare

9.       Student records

  • Ensure all student folders are accounted for on at least a monthly basis.
  • Primary responsibility for accuracy of data in EZ Care – if others are asked to key data, review this data for completeness and accuracy so that you can assume full responsibility for it.
  • Conduct monthly quality control reviews of student files verifying 10 random files to EZ Care
  • Update records in EZ Care on a timely manner as parents provide new information
  • Pull student files for students that have exited in a systematic matter, make a list of pulled files, and send off site (Northside Campus) in an organized fashion
  • File tuition agreements and other information updates to student files after posted to EZ Care on a timely basis

10.     Allergy and Special Medical Conditions:

  • Work with School Nurse to educate parents on the information needs for allergies and special medical    conditions
  • Responsible for keying the information into EZ Care accurately
  • Ensure that all emergency medications at Front Desk for students are current and have appropriate paperwork on a monthly basis. Send email notification to parents who are non-compliant, and notify Assistant Director when this occurs.
  • When families leave Suzuki and have emergency medications, notify them to pick up the medications or discard them

11.      Monitor and report on daily attendance of students and authorized pickups

  • Maintain the Daily counts book
    • Verify that the daily counts are correct according to the Here Now Report. This should be printed at 11AM along with the Absentee Report.
    • Clean up the FSO daily
    • Collect the weekly attendance and cross check with daily attendance and reconcile differences
    • Contact and train parents who did not follow protocol correctly
    • Review for no shows and find out from classroom if they know the reason. If not, have classroom call family.
  • End of day
    • Run the Here Now Report at 5:55 to provide a listing of children in building
    • Reconcile the Here Now Report the next day against FSO and notify school leaders of perpetually late pickups
    • Change parent PIN’s as needed
    • Print  the weekly attendance reports on Friday and distribute to the classrooms
  • Authorized pickups
    • Verify identity of occasional authorized pickups, have them sign in, and give them a badge
    • Clock in or out children logged in by Occasional Authorized Pickups

12.     Monitor and track Daily Attendance of teachers and prepare and approve timecards

  • Receive Daily Punch Review through your front desk email
  • Scan the coverage sheet and mark who is late or who has worked overtime

13.     Bright from the Start Compliance:

  • Monitor BFTS compliance in each classroom by making periodic surprise visits, at least every two weeks
  • Review, approve, and retrain teachers concerning medication forms. File medication forms in a timely manner
  • Review, approve, and file accident reports weekly tabulating them by classroom. Ensure that the Program Directors are reviewing the forms.
  • Work closely with the Nurse, Director and Assistant Director on BFTS questions

14.     Injured children: 

  • Minor injuries
    • Contact parents when required
  • Injuries requiring professional medical attention
    • Contact school nurse immediately
    • Assist in preparation of  incident report for Bright from the Start
    • Have a School Director review and sign
    • Send incident report to Bright from the Start after approval from the Head of Schools, Director/Assistant Director or Nurse
    • fax a copy to Assistant Director
    • Make sure that if there is a video of the incident that it is archived if one is available
    • If required, get with the nurse to report to insurance company

15.     Contact Parents on behalf of Classrooms for sick children

  • Contact parents when there is a sick child, unless the school nurse is doing so.
  • Administer medication according to approval from parents for medications stored at the Front Desk, unless the school nurse is doing so.

16.     Fire emergency and tornado drills:

  • Be fully familiar with how fire monitoring systems operate and are deactivated
  • Distribute report after fire drills indicating the problems that occurred

17.     Emergency Preparedness Planning

  • Highly trained in emergency procedures and takes them seriously

18.    Monitor School Security: 

  • Actively monitor the cameras to ensure only authorized persons are entering the building and are in the surrounding area
  • Ensure that cameras are working and always displaying on the LCD at the Front Desk
  • At Buckhead, monitor parking lot for parking compliance
  • Respond to alarms from gates to determine why they went off
  • Know how to reboot camera system.

19.     Employee Interviews:

  • Warmly greet prospective employees. Check in prospective teachers who arrive for teacher interviews.
  • Make copy of photo  ID (two pieces if possible – driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, passport, Green Card, etc.).
  • Instruct interviewees to complete the designated paperwork

20.    Office Supplies, Mail, Time Clock, Postage Meter, Copier and Fax machine:

  • Take lead role in ensuring that the Timeclock, copier, and fax machine work or get assistance if they do not. You can contact SOS (the number is on the copy machine)
  • Ensure that there is always a supply of ink for the copier, fax machine, etc.
  • Be familiar with trouble shooting for the devices.
  • Be trained and familiar with how to restart the Timeclock and be able to do so if it goes down.
  • Notify staff when deliveries are made. Keep hallway clear of deliveries by getting them moved, if needed.
  • Order office supplies according to protocol.

21.     Start of each session

  • Reprint External Preparations Report after verifying that the “No” is valid
  • Print updated phone directories for the classroom
  • Print updated Vegetarian and Allergy list for each classroom. This is provided by the nurse.

22.    Enrichment:

  • Three times a year answer parent questions concerning enrichment enrollment forms, and review for    accuracy

23.    Signage on Front Door

  • Make sure that the signage at the Front Door is accurate

24.    Administrative Support:

  • Maintain an organized front desk maintaining the student file drawers in alpha order, and use notebooks to organize common information. Allow filing system to facilitate others finding information
  • Check email throughout the day and respond to emails in a timely and professional manner.
  • Distribute information to classrooms at the request of others – such as PTO, payroll checks, HR forms, etc.
  • Willingly assist in efforts of others on the support team or teachers including photocopying, sorting, mass mail campaigns, and do so in a helpful manner that realistically balances the needs of the requestor with the needs of the Front Desk. Use time efficiently so you can assist in these efforts as they arise with a               positive attitude.

25.    Provide assistance to classrooms as required

  • Go in classroom to provide coverage as needed on an emergency basis

Major Skills and Competencies:

  • Technology: Is comfortable learning new technology applications and adapt at Microsoft products.
  • Attention to Detail: Concentrates for an extended period of time; catches errors before completing assignments/orders; can keep on top of changes to family record information; maintains high quality standards for his/her work.
  • Organization: Maintains a highly organized work space and a pleasant front desk area.
  • Memory:  Can remember all children's, family, and staff names
  • Accomplishing Tasks Promptly and by deadlines: Demonstrates the ability to get results despite a large workload, competing demands and a fast-paced environment within the specified deadlines.
  • Ability to take on more work: Has an orientation on taking on more work instead of less; thrives on learning new skills.
  • Procedural Knowledge: Appreciates standard operating procedures (SOP); demonstrates knowledge of SOP by applying any steps, rules and/or guidelines needed to perform his/her job effectively along with an understanding of regulatory requirements.
  • Customer Focus: Ability and willingness to provide genuine, quality service to all parents and faculty and enjoys frequent interaction with others.
  • Communication Skills: Ability to listen attentively to others, ask appropriate questions, provide correct information or get access to it, using diplomacy and tact at all times
  • Respect for All People: Demonstrates understanding and respect for people of all backgrounds.
  • Team Player: Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers; effectively handles interpersonal conflict situations.
  • Punctuality/Dependability: Adheres to schedule for arrival time and lunches; comes to work on days when scheduled.
  • Self-Development: Is aware of own strengths and weaknesses; initiates action to improve one’s own developmental areas.
  • Stress Tolerance: Maintains a positive attitude with good self-control; maintains a high volume, high quality workload under demanding conditions(e.g. upset parents, teachers), and can assume the security responsibilities associated with the position.

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Can move around easily– this person must be able to get in and out of chair easily to assist others, and to visit classrooms or other areas of school for position related reasons
  • Can sit for long periods of time without needing to move around or take breaks
  • Can tolerate others  in their space, and enforce appropriate boundaries
  • Can lift up to 50 pounds which is needed to care for child who may be injured or ill or during a drill or evacuation, and to move around office supplies.

Environmental Job Requirements:

  • The Front Desk can be noisy and chaotic at times with competing demands and therefore a person in this position must be able to function in these conditions.

Minimum qualifications:

  • BA or higher
  • Prior experience with administrative duties
  • Able to work a late schedule of 9 AM to 6 PM.